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Bamboo Bread Board with a modern arch shape - bambu

Arch Bread Board


Artisan Droplet cutting board with cotton tie

Artisan Board - The Droplet


Bamboo Undercut Cutting and Serving Boards in Medium and Large

Undercut Series Cutting Boards

from $23.75

Medium Classic Cutting & Serving Boards - bambu

Classic Bamboo Cutting & Serving Boards

from $25.50

Bamboo Bar Board

Classic Bamboo Cutting/Bar Board


Bambu Kitchen Basics includes an Oval Spoon, Round Spoon, and Spatula.

Kitchen Basics, Set of 3 Bamboo Cooking Utensils


'Give It A Rest' Bamboo Utensil Set


Set of 3 Bamboo Tongs includes one each Large, Small and Tiny Tongs.

Bamboo Tongs Set (Large, Small and Tiny)


Left handed bamboo spatula - bambu

NEW Left Handed Bamboo Spatula


Bamboo Scraping Spatula made from a single piece of bamboo.

Bamboo Scraping Spatula


'Give It a Rest' Bamboo Spatula


A 12" bamboo tasting spoon is shown on a white background.

Bamboo Tasting Spoon


Large Bamboo Tongs - bambu

Bamboo Tongs, Large


Bamboo rice paddle - bambu

Bamboo Rice Paddle


13" Bamboo Wok Spatula displayed on a white background.

Bamboo Wok Spatula


'Give It a Rest' Bamboo Spoon


All Purpose Bamboo Mixing Spoon


Small bamboo tongs - bambu

Bamboo Tongs, Small