About Us

Our Promise

For over 20 years, our goal has remained unchanged. To reduce our use and reliance on plastic by providing people with beautiful, non-toxic product made from nature.

~ EST 2003 ~

Here at Bambu, we’re committed to creating zero-waste solutions that make everyday sustainable living possible. We began Bambu because we knew we had an idea that could spark positive change. And today, we’re still constantly striving to set the standard for sustainable business practices. 

We left our jobs in corporate America over 20 years ago to pursue the vision we had of a better way to do business. After watching big brands at the time view corporate responsibility as a shackle rather than a chance to improve, we started with an idea for a business where responsibility was an integral part of everything we did. Not just a department.

Bambu began as a case study for how business could be. We wanted to prove that you could have it all. Sustainable product with direct oversight, social responsibility, and a financially successful business. We knew it was possible for business to create positive change. Looking back, we’d like to think that the experiment went pretty well.

Back to Nature

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, we have a strong connection to and respect for the natural environment. We understand that living and creating in harmony with the natural environment is at the heart of sustainability. After spending time traveling and living in Asia, we were introduced to bamboo- a naturally renewable resource. And after seeing bamboo being used for everything from scaffolding to daily use items, we were reminded of what we’ve always felt to be true: it was time to go back to nature.

Renewable Ideas®

Central to our core purpose is creating product solutions that rely less on resource-intensive, petroleum-based resources, and more on plentiful plant-based materials. That’s why we choose only natural, renewable materials in our products. Not only are renewable materials a naturally occurring answer to our needs, they don’t require harsh chemicals, or additives, making your home safer for you and your family. When the sustainable solution is right in front of us, why would we choose anything else?

Small Changes, Big Impacts

We believe in the power of small changes to create a better world. Every time we replace a plastic spoon with a natural alternative, we don’t just make a safer and healthier choice, both for you and the plant. We start to shift to a new way of thinking. By introducing renewable materials into daily life, sustainability becomes part of the conversation. And what better place to start making change than in the kitchen, where we join together to share, enjoy, and refuel. Small changes add up, and we’re proud to be part of your eco-friendly journey.

Elevating Daily Use

Daily use doesn’t have to mean plastic. And it shouldn’t lack good design or craftsmanship. We’re proud to offer quality daily use items crafted from natural materials that are durable, affordable, and attractive. There’s a certain joy that comes with using something handcrafted- shouldn’t that be part of everyday life? Incorporating natural materials into our lives helps us live in harmony with nature-and enjoy something beautiful while we’re at it. By creating with a purpose, we only make what’s needed-keeping our landfills empty and leaving you with products you can use for years to come.

End-of-Life Responsibility

As designers and producers, we want to take responsibility for what we’re creating. And that doesn’t end when our products leave the shelves for your home. So with every product, we ask, ‘what happens later? After the product reaches the end of its life cycle?’ At Bambu, we realize there is no “away.” Once we’ve made something, it’s here to stay. So we fully consider the entire life cycle of our products, especially the end. That’s why we only produce items that are biodegradable or compostable, and why you will see an End-of-Life tab on each of our product descriptions suggesting how you can best dispose of our products at the end of their life.

A Certified B Corp since 2018

B Corps are businesses that meet among the world’s highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Bambu is woman-owned, operated & controlled since 2003 promoting diversity and inclusion.

As a member business of 1% For The Planet, bambu® makes a commitment to donate at least 1% of our overall sales to nonprofit member organizations who protect and restore the natural environment.

Climate Neutral’s certification is based on international standards for carbon measurement from source to customer, achieving neutrality by offsetting Bambu’s footprint with investment in verified carbon credits.

Additional Product Certifications

Certified Organic

Bambu is the first and only company to earn Organic Certification for the source of our bamboo used to make its Natural Utensils & Veneerware® disposable dinnerware. LETIS is a leader in quality and sustainability certification. 

USDA Biobased

The USDA BioPreferred certification was created in 2002 in an effort to increase transparency between customers and the products they buy. Items with the USDA Biobased certification on them signify that a percentage (at least 25%) of the product is made from natural raw materials. Biobased products offer an alternative to petroleum-based products that harm the environment. Bambu is proud that all the products we offer are certified as 100% Biobased.

FSC Certified

Our source of bamboo is grown in the wild and sustainable harvested by individual farmers. Our sources are certified by two internationally recognized organizations. A portion of our material is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 

Compost Manufacturing Alliance

bambu® is a certified member of the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA). As such, we maintain a high standard of compost quality across 20 composting facilities throughout the U.S. CMA provides field testing to ensure products are truly compostable.

bambu® backstory

Rachel & Jeff live and work in China alongside their team and producer groups to ensure the highest quality standards using thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Here’s a look at the process...

"Some days we feel like walking away from the whole thing."

Having a purpose is what keeps us going. Finding the balance between style, eco and purpose lies at the core of everything we do. 

Our Company Values

We set out to create a business that reflects our personal values, and they remain unchanged today. At Bambu, we strive to:

1. Turn people onto renewable materials and discourage the use of plastic and other harmful materials
2. Support organizations doing good work and give back to the causes that matter
3. Treat people fairly and provide opportunities to others 
4. Create products that are beautiful, affordable, and accessible
5. Be an example for businesses to operate responsibly and with care

Meet the Team

We cannot do what we do without the support of our teams. Without them we wouldn’t have a story to tell.