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Bamboo Bar Board

Classic Bamboo Cutting/Bar Board


Tiny Tongs (set of 4) - bambu

Bamboo Tiny Tongs (set of 4)


A bamboo Tasting Spoon, Spoontula, and Mixing Spoon are shown on a white background.

Bamboo Mix & Taste Set


Mini Artisan Cutting & Serving Board - bambu

Mini Artisan Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board


A bouquet of bamboo cooking utensils is wrapped in brown paper.

Utensil Bouquet Kit


Bamboo Tiny Tongs - bambu

Tongs, Tiny


Left handed bamboo spatula - bambu

NEW Left Handed Bamboo Spatula


Bamboo Bread Board with a modern arch shape - bambu

Arch Bread Board


Artisan Board - The Droplet